Sunday, August 22, 2010

How to Survive a Heartache

You have been crying for days, thinking about what you’ve done wrong or what you should have done to work it out with your partner. No matter how much you try to figure it out, you just cannot seem to find the perfect reason why you both ended up in separate ways. Is it your fault or his fault? Have you given too much, ending up being taken for granted, eventually dumped? No matter what the reasons are, you must go on. Find ways to face a new chapter in life with anticipation and optimism.

That is, after exhausting all the possible efforts of reconciliation. Of course you would try to fix it initially, but if it does not yield favorable results, might as well say, enough.

Now let us talk about moving on. Nobody would seriously say that she’d had it the easy way after breaking up. Not unless, it is not a serious relationship. Of course, you will be depressed. You may not even want to comb your hair or even brush your teeth. Instead, all you want to do is lay in bed; feeling sorry for yourself.
But hey! It is not the end of the world. It may be the end of one chapter but it is a start of another meaningful phase of your life. You may get stuck in the stage of denial for some time, but it cannot go on like that forever. Get up and move on. Start by accepting your situation as it is. From there you can start; when you can finally face the reality that you are now alone.

As a start you may want to get busy on something you are good at. Perhaps joining some sports activities, try catching up with your friends and if you have the heart, visit some orphanage or a home. You’ll never know how gratifying it may be, knowing that your presence can make a difference to people who are in need of some caring and attention.

Instead of wasting your time thinking about your ex, make it a “me” time from now on. You can try trekking, wall climbing, bungee jumping, even sky diving! You may want to cut your hair for a change and dress up for some wining and dining with your friends. There is no limit as to what you can do, for as long as you focus on moving on positively.

Greatest Songs from the MusicalsYou may be wondering where is the ‘dating’ part again. Nada. Not until you have fully recovered from your ex. It is only then when you may fall for someone, not as a rebound from your previous relationship, but as you become ready to commit yourself without the trace of your past. It would only be unfair if you are going to keep on looking back, much more compare.

Allow yourself some recovery time. Contemplate on the past; what’s gone wrong and how are you going to handle it this time? Bear in mind that you should not lose your identity in the process. You must be a complementary to your partner, not a shadow. Set your limits but be ready to give in to some compromise, when necessary.

One of the greatest pains in life is not having the opportunity to be with the one you love, but it is an ultimate suicide dwelling on the possibility when you know the feeling is not reciprocated.

Do not be afraid. Relax and take it easy. Let the nature take its course. In a right time and place, somebody will propose, “I want to grow old with you.” Now, how's that for a meaningful lifetime commitment?

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